About Us

Akti Villas is a small owner-operated and managed group of villas.  With building plans to develop and expand, the aim of this group is to provide peaceful luxury living based on one criteria: LOCATION. Akti is the Greek word for coast, and with Kefalonia offering an unbelievably beautiful coast, our philosophy is to be as close to that as possible. Residents can expect to have at their disposal management that is personally invested in the well-being and enjoyment of their guests.  Additionally, guests can expect to meet a staff that is knowledgeable of local businesses, island attractions, amenities, and island customs, including but not limited to, a deep understanding the local way-of-life and history.

Akti Villas - Enjoy the View

We believe that a great stay starts with incredible accommodation and Akti Villas strives to provide crisp, soothing comfort while taking in the glittering views of the beautiful Ionian Sea




Guest Services

Need something? Just ask. With both management and staff residing in Lourdas village, guests can expect a rapid response to fulfill their needs. We are here to ensure your stay is perfect and exceeds your expectations. We offer language interpretation services so expect to be able to communicate with management and staff. Some specialty services include our two offers of a personal yachting experience, or our more traditional agricultural life experience.

Akti Villas

Other broader amenities, including airline, and transportation services, area attractions, local advice, restaurant recommendations, special event information, boat rentals, fishing charters, water sports, car, scooter and bike rentals, massages, manicures/pedicures as well as on-site hair-styling, can all be arranged. Times and availability may vary on season so be sure to reach out to us with any concerns or requests in advance.




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